Saturday, January 31, 2009


This proposal is designed for a beach theme lobby. Each 3'x4' black and white photo is printed with a bronze tone on recycled aluminum. While we can print directly on bronze metal we like the recycled aluminum for the green factor as well as the weight and cost savings. 


This is a proposal we sent to New York for the pool at the San Diego W hotel. This would be constructed in photo sublimated 4'x10' tiled sheets of recycled aluminum. In this mock up the ambience of the pool area is dramatically improved. 


It's been a long time coming but we are ready to open the gallery. February 2009 is the opening. We'll have our opening reception on the evening of February 28th. Sign up for our email invitation. 

Photo print on metal mockup for residence.
This week a very nice couple walked into the gallery in Solana Beach. They happened to live in the neighborhood and are in the process of remodeling their home that overlooks the beach. They have a blank wall that faces south on which they wish to continue their panoramic view. I showed them a new process where a photograph can be printed on a 4'x6' sheet of metal. They liked this process very much so I mocked up these proposals for them with a photo that just happens to have been shot on the beach directly in front of their house. This photo taken was just last week. When I was shooting it I was thinking that I should perhaps be somewhere else. As it turns out there are no coincidences.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico photo.
Waimea Shorebreak, Hawaii photo.

Our friends, the Grayson's, first discovered my photography through Aaron Chang swimwear. Mrs. Grayson had fallen in love with our Tres Palmas bikini which featured the top photo of the famous Puerto Rico surf spot. The story goes that they loved the photo so much that they decided to style their new custom home using the roof lines of the house in the Tres Palmas photo on the swimsuit. As the house was being finished they called me to order a 10' print for the house. It was planned to be in a hardwood frame on pulleys and used as a panel between the kitchen and dining room. I asked if we could make it a two sided print to give the dining room it's own identity. They agreed and what you see is the result.